The exceptional taste of Polish vodka must be attributed to the traditional, natural grain from which is it made. As an independent Polish company, we strive to present an excellent final product.

Since 2008, Polska Fabryka Wódek – Old Distillery has been consistently developing our services to offer a product of the highest quality. Today, as a producer of grain, potato, Wedding and flavored vodkas, whiskeys and low-content alcohol drinks, we believe we can meet the needs of wide range of clients.

We use variety of filtration processes when making our vodkas, including the use of activated carbon and a maturation period of minimum of 72 hours. The crystalline water used in the production of our products is derived from its own intake and is subjected to a series of filters and a reverse osmosis process to guarantee upmost purity. Our products therefore take on a velvety smoothness and unique taste, resulting in an excellent Polish product.